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Location: HOUSTON, TX

Post Date: 04/06/2017

Position Summary: Collects, verifies, reconciles and reports daily receipts and monies collected from the sales team, including but not limited to sales reps, sales specialists, area sales managers.


Major Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Distributes and collects all truck safe keys and route stamps before verifying daily receipts.

  2. Matches driver deposits forms with the daily receipts. Counts and verifies each driver’s cash and checks.

  3. Completes three deposit tickets (cash, check, and total) for daily sales receipts, and sends one copy of each deposit ticket to the Accounting Manger, one with the deposit and one with the armored car company.

  4. Files all load out paperwork in the appropriate route folder

  5. Prepares cash recap, sales recap, and routing package and distributes accordingly.

  6. Settles each employee’s route and charges the appropriate AR accounts.

  7. Ensures each route is settled nightly and generates loads selected for register report to be faxed to Houston.

  8. Balances cash box, PPG and cup/cooler receipts daily.

  9. Performs file maintenance, including opening new accounts and/or revise existing accounts.

  10. Verify that Driver fills out the Daily Inspection Vehicle Report prior to handing the safe key.

  11. Verify that cab and trailer are cleaned of all trash.

  12. Verify that all beer has been down-stacked and all pallets have been condensed.

  13. Count all beer and pallets on the truck and verify that the quantities match what is on the drivers Truck printout.

  14. If the Sales Rep is short or over any beer or pallets make sure he is aware of the discrepancy and then make the correction to the Hand Held.

  15. If the driver turns in any old, short coded or broken beer. The Settlement Clerk must ensure the Sales Rep has O.S.&B. form filled out correctly and completely, and verifies that the beer being turned in matches what is documented on the O.S.&B. form.

  16. Once all of these steps are completed the Settlement Clerk and Sales Rep are to sign the On Truck, Ending Inventory, and O.S.&B.

  17. Other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. High School or GED required

  2. Basic Microsoft Office knowledge.

  3. Must be able to start at 12 noon and finish until the last truck arrives (8pm)

  4. Able to work in different climates.

  5. Must be able to move/lift at least 30lbs

  6. Must posses strong verbal and written communication skills and be detailed oriented.

  7. Must be able to successfully accomplish all tasks with minimal supervision.

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