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Accounting Admin Opening, Albuquerque, NM

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Post Date: 09/15/2023

Accounting Administrative Assistant
Mon-Friday 7am-4pm
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Temp to Hire
  • Matching the quantities shipped along with prices from the customer purchase orders. This involves using Sage BusinessWorks but more importantly verifying customer information including quantity, item and prices in Globetek. 
  • Emailing different customer Invoices as required along with all shipping information
  • Using the Vendor Portal and entering all Invoices in the Portal, then subsequently entering these Invoices in BusinessWorks. 
  • A/P entries for most suppliers/vendors once approved in Businessworks, and comparing to the receipt within Globetek 
  • Being trained to perform the shipping within Globetek for various customer shipments as needed as a backup when the shipping clerk is unavailable
  • Completing BOL’s (mostly PDF) for 3rd Party customer shipments and providing to the shipping clerk prior to shipment. 
  • Choosing a particular carrier/shipping company for outgoing shipments Double checking prices on Customer PO’s within MRP and verify against the original PO 
  • Send out important customer packages using UPS or FedEx
  • Being trained to enter PO’s issued to Suppliers and providing the PO’s to both the Manager and shipping/receiving clerk
  • Eventually, ordering certain items from vendors 
  • Organizing Supplier/Vendor Invoices alphabetically. 
  • Keeping track of Capital Expenditures for external audit/documentation purposes Updating a detailed price list for 

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