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General Labor-ST

Location: HOUSTON, TX

Post Date: 03/15/2018



1. Rework various types of electromechanical equipment including, but not limited to single phase, three phase, armatures and wound rotors

2. Inspect various types of electromechanical equipment for damage and evidence of electrical malfunctions

3. This position should have the ability to dismantle, strip and record coil data for AC and DC machines (motors/generators)

4. Cut out or remove defective coils, record data, and remove insulation from core slots

5. Cut and form insulation and insert insulation into rotor, stator or armature slots

6. Install and align formed or random coils in slots of stators, rotors or armatures

7. Replace defective coil leads and solder/braze connections of coils in specified sequence

8. Test condition of windings according to EASA standards

9. Prepare all reusable parts for rewinding and inspect refurnished parts for hidden, structural damage or unusual conditions

10. Test rewound electromechanical equipment according to EASA standards and document test results

11. Operate specialized repair and testing equipment including, but not limited to winding machines, test panels, surge testers, core-loss testers, cut-off saws, burnout ovens, bake ovens, grinders, cranes, forklift, brazing units, dip tanks, VPI systems and various handheld power and non-power tools, etc.


Observe all safety procedures and use proper protective gear

1+ years of experience in winding AC and DC Motors and generators

Maintain a clean work area



•Strong attention to detail

•Good verbal communication skills

•Ability to lift/move heavy objects (40 lbs +)

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