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Manufacturing Plant Equipment Mechanic/Electrician

Location: Houston, TX

Post Date: 04/20/2018

Manufacturing Plant Equipment Mechanic/Electrician North Houston Temp-to-Hire

$20 – $25/hr, depending on experience and qualifications

Basic Requirements:

– Education: High School Diploma.

– Training: trade school or equivalent.

– Minimum 10 years’ experience troubleshooting and repairing production machinery controls.

– Minimum 10 years’ experience in the repair of hydraulic and mechanical production machinery.

– Minimum 10 years’ experience in installing and maintaining motor control centers.

– A working knowledge of single and 3-phase electrical circuits, and of CNC equipment.

– Should be Journeyman.

– Valid maintenance electrician license in Harris County, Texas a plus.


  1. Installation of main cables: Underground, Elevated Trayed and conduit; PVC, rigid and EMT.

  2. Install power drops, cabinets, motor starters, gutter trays and fused disconnects up to 2000 amps.

  3. Repair and replace electric motors, control circuits, circuit boards and various electronic components on manufacturing equipment.

  4. Repair and replace electrical components on Bridge Cranes.

  5. Repair and replace welding machine components including wire feeders for mig and sub-arc equipment.

  6. Calibrate welding equipment on a routine basis as scheduled (Quarterly will be the minimum).

  7. Maintain and install plant and office lighting.

  8. Maintain and install security system components and systems throughout the plant buildings.

  9. Repair hydraulic systems on manufacturing equipment.

  10. Repair and replace mechanical parts and components on overhead bridge cranes.

  11. Repair and replace mechanical parts and components on manufacturing equipment.

  12. Provide service to plant rolling equipment: forklifts, man-lifters, generators and lighting towers.

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