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ORDER SELECTOR-LI Opening, Albuquerque, NM

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Post Date: 08/24/2022

Objective: This position is to pull orders promptly throughout the day that have been ordered by our customers for immediate pickup.
  •  Check all picking lists are correct and picks have been verified.
  •  Load the completed orders on the customer's vehicle/trailer per the customer’s request.  If the request might create a problem for safety or damage to a vehicle, notify a supervisor.
  •  Have the customers check off material before cuts are made.
  •  Keep the warehouse organized with the correct size materials color-coded, stored appropriately, and kept off the floor.
  •  Perform stock checks and returns for the office if asked to do so.
  •  Empty recycle and trash bins as needed around the yard and warehouse. The focus will be on the will-call area.
  •  Pick up trash and clean the work area at the end of each day.  Bands, trash, etc.
  •  Report any discrepancies for an order to a direct supervisor so they can be fixed, and so the customer can change their order promptly.
  •  Cut down any damaged 20’ material into useable 10’ lengths and record on the damaged material sheet when asked to do so.
  •  Keep the 10’ racks organized and colored correctly.
  •  Notify your supervisor of any miscuts that need to be changed or might be able to be sold.
  •  Perform any other tasks or jobs asked of you by management.
  •  Answer the assigned company phone during work hours.
  •  Maintain all equipment used in your daily job as instructed.
Equipment used in position
  •  Forklift
  •  Shear
  •  Chopsaw
  •  Pipe Threader

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