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Overnight Sanitation Opening, DALLAS, TX

Location: DALLAS, TX

Post Date: 06/11/2021

  • Please call 469-802-3999 for immediate consideration!

  • Pay Rate $13.50, Schedule -11pm to finish Able to work 6-days a week

  • Job Description

  • Required steel toe rubber boots

  • General safety responsibilities: social distancing, personal protective equipment adherence, warehouse safety, safe lifting, knife safety, etc

  • Allergen protocols, food safety procedures: SOPs, SSOPs and GMP guidelines

  • Safe and efficient use of equipment

  • Working in a very cold environment (freezer) 34-38 f

  • Do a general cleanup of all packing room floor areas and insure removal of all trash.

  • Clean around the trash compactor/dumpster and can baler and hose the area down.

  • Clean and sweep around the labelers and dumpers

  • Clean the drains located in warehouse/production area

  • Ensure that all chemicals are properly stored and labeled.

  • Follow Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure food and work safety.

  • Wash and sanitize production equipment following procedures and instructions, document activities as needed.

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