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PHP Developer Opening, Coppell, TX

Location: Coppell, TX

Post Date: 06/30/2021

Job Title: PHP Developer

100% Remote to start.

This position will be writing middle-tier PHP software to support a large Ecommerce application

Key Responsibilities:

· Writes compact, simple code, based on SOLID principles
· Accurately estimates work based on specifications
· Converts legacy, procedural code to object-oriented structures using proven design patterns
· Works directly with senior and C-level management to implement and update features on short notice
· Capable of developing server-side and client-side logic
· Strong aptitude for efficient processing between server and client that minimizes transaction size and frequency while maintaining data integrity and security
· Assists in the optimization of the development stack, identifying problem areas and recommending efficient solutions
· Actively participates in open and professional communication amongst team members
· Proactive in voicing better and best approaches to satisfy software requirements, and willing to learn new ways of accomplishing those goals
· Understands and supports agile software development and other SDLC methodologies
· Takes pride in writing effective unit tests that cover critical application specifics
· Truly understands what supporting multiple device sizes and formats means
· Resolves merge conflicts in source control, ensuring no critical pieces are merged out


The ideal candidate will possess:
· 5 years relevant development experience in web-based e-commerce environment with database and API interactivity
· Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or IT, or equivalent work experience
· At least 2 years working in Symfony 3+ framework
· At least 2 years working with Doctrine ORM
· Experience with TFS, Git, and other source control platforms, using command line tools
· Public GitHub account with examples of relevant experience
· Skillset requested
– PHP – 5.6.x to 7.2
– MSSQL – Microsoft SQL 2014-2016, MSSQL on Linux
– Symfony 3+
– Doctrine ORM
– PHPUnit – Practical experience with PHPUnit, with demonstrated ability for proper Assertion and Mocking that test critical functionality
– Postman
– Docker
– HTML5 – composition and built-in validators
– Composer
– JavaScript
– T-SQL stored procedures and temp tables
– Scrum and related agile development methodologies
– Bash scripting in Linux
– Vagrant/VirtualBox

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