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Product Designer (Kiosks/Hardware) Opening, San Antonio, TX

Location: San Antonio, TX

Post Date: 05/15/2020


Product Designer – San Antonio, TX

the leader in providing health system kiosks that feature telemedicine technology. Our equipment allows for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of an individual’s health, andVideo Conferencing Solution provides live-interactive videoconferencing that can be used in all settings for direct connectivity between a Physician and a patient. Our kiosks offer 10 different diagnostic tests and is FDA cleared as a Class 2 medical device.

With the cost of healthcare continually rising and insurance companies continually looking for ways to cut costs

has found an exciting and growing niche in the industry. Our equipment connects patients with physicians remotely, allowing physicians to economically see more patients in remote/rural areas that traditionally are underserved.

As we move forward with its goals of placing our kiosks in over 21,000 stores in the next 7 years, we are looking to add a hard working individual to our team to help build the foundation and path to achieving these goals.

Product & Design Team is on a mission to design and build the absolute best telemedicine kiosk supported by a robust software to give our customers an exceptional experience. We do this by focusing on two key user segments:

Hardware: customizable kiosk that can include up to 10 diagnostic/screening tests. testing equipment will have a focus on quality reliability.testing equipment will carry an FDA certificate

Software:software is extremely flexible& easy to integrate into customer’s platforms. This allows for easy flow of information to and from the kiosk to the customer’s platform, along with fitting the kiosk into multiple industries without much modification.


deliver the best user experiences uncovering hidden user insights and translating those into design

As Product Designer, you will…

Build prototypes of various fidelity to validate new product concepts

Create 3-D renderings of potential new products

R&D – research and test new equipment as it comes onto the market in order to keep the types of tests offered on the kiosk the most up-to-date

Identify potential problems with new kiosk designs and testing equipment

Tackle fiendishly complex design problems and provide clarity for the team as you break them down into viable, user-centered solutions

Work with UI engineers to test new features and identify bugs prior to deploying to production

– keep the company in sync with user experience findings and the novel design approaches you’re pushing forward, actively doling out insights at just the right time

Why is this awesome? You will…

Have the freedom and control to design and create new medical testing kiosks&equipment

Be part of , lean team, which translates to you having a big personal impact

huge opportunity for growth.

exceptional product & design talent

Create experiences that impact the lives of customers


Education (formal or otherwise in design, UX, HCI,

Proven track record in product design

Extra points for experience with developing new-to-market products or services deep understanding of how different connected devices impact user experience, and how user experiences lace together across different platforms

Mastery of design tools such as Sketch, InVision, Axure, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Different gears for different design challenges—ability to quickly and smoothly transition from concepts and ideation to detailed execution

you find simple solutions for complex problems

Embraces and thrives in a high-paced, changing, lean startup culture

High comfort level with “lean startup” or Agile development methodologies

Can advocate for and educate on the power of design thinking and user-centered design

Always on top of the latest technologies, industry trends, and design patterns

Comfortable working with and visualizing data

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