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Location: Houston, TX

Post Date: 10/10/2018

Trepan/ BTA Drilling Machine Operator

Job Functions:

Operate a semi-automatic horizontal drilling machine to drill a hole thru the center of round steel bars. Drilling various lengths, different materials and different hole sizes. Make the set up on the machine with the proper tooling; starter bushings and housings, rear bushings and housings, drill bar, drill head, etc.. Load machine using overhead cranes. Align material, in the machine, using 4-jaw chucks, to TIR tolerances as specified. Monitor machine meters and metal drilling chips to adjust feeds and speeds as necessary to achieve optimum performance.

Position Knowledge:

Must be able to perform basic math plus the use of decimals and fractions. Must have a working knowledge of hand tools; measuring tape, adjustable wrenches, etc.. Be capable of using measuring instruments such as micrometers, both I.D. and O.D., plus dial calipers, both I.D. and O.D., to read in thousands of an inch. Requires experience in overhead power crane use. Speeds and feeds for various materials and hole sizes.

Experience: 2-years minimum experience operating Trepanning Machines and/or BTA Machines. Indexable deep hole drilling will qualify as well.

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