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Light Industrial

Current Job Postings

  • Concrete Finishers Needed

    Location: Dallas, TX

    Experienced Concrete Finishers/Patchers Needed! Great Opportunity with a great team atmosphere! $17-18 Monday-Friday 6AM-2:30PM No travel! You work in one location! Please apply online. If you have any questions you…

  • Food Production in Dallas! Start Tomorrow!

    Location: DESOTO, TX

    Food Production Positions Available Now! Start Tomorrow! Dallas 75247 1st Shift Monday-Friday 6AM-6PM 2nd Shift Monday-Friday 2PM to 12AM Pay 1st $13.00 Pay 2nd $14.00 Set up required for rolling…

  • Sit Down FL/Warehouse Associate Needed!

    Location: Grand Prairie, TX

    Are you an experienced Warehouse Associate with Forklift experience and can get the job done? Are you looking to land with a good stable company that will provide year end…

  • Sit Down Forklift Operators! S. Dallas/Desoto Area

    Location: Lancaster, TX

    VIP Staffing Desoto is hiring Sit-Down Forklift Operators for the Dallas/Desoto area! Great Opportunity! Both Weekday and Weekend shifts available! Open Positions: Weekday: Monday – Friday 1st 7am- 3:30 pm…

  • Stand-Up Reach! Lancaster Area!

    Location: Lancaster, TX

    VIP Staffing is currently hiring Stand-up Reach Forklift drivers in the Lancaster area. Full Time Opportunity!!! Multiple Shifts available during the week and weekends! Pay $15-$17.50 per hour If interested…

Light Industrial FAQs

Below are the most common questions we receive about light industrial positions.

  • What are light industrial jobs?

    Light Industrial positions, also known as warehouse jobs, involve assisting the manufacturing process. There are a variety of different light industrial work positions (including manufacturing, assembly line, and warehousing) but all revolve around work within a warehouse.

  • What education level do you need for a light industrial job?

    Expected Education Level:

    High School or College Graduates or those with skilled worker experience
    Most warehouse jobs require little education and minimal experience within the field. Warehouses typically follow their own procedures and will train you on the job. However, some experience can help put you ahead of the game. If you would like to move up within a warehouse to a management role, further education will be required.

  • Are the warehouses safe and clean to work in?

    Yes, we seek to work with warehouses who provide safe and clean work environments for employees. Because most warehouses don’t require a degree and train you on site, these positions fill up fast and don’t always involve the best working conditions. We not only help find the right fit for our clients but for job seekers as well. Our goal is to help you find the best job for your skill set and personal growth.

  • What is the pay for warehouse jobs?

    Pay Schedule:


    Pay changes depending on location, demand, and skill requirements. Most pay hourly wages between $9-$20 an hour. For those in management, wages increase and usually lead to salaried pay.

  • What are some examples of light industrial jobs?

    There are different roles you can play in a warehouse. Some of the most common positions we match are:


    Packers in a warehouse are responsible for stacking, piling and preparing goods for shipping. Training is usually done on the job and requires little knowledge beforehand.

    Material Handler

    Someone who is hired in a warehouse as a material handler helps keep the materials and the manufacturing process well organized. Most of their job duties include unloading materials into the warehouse from shipping trucks, labeling items, and organizing the materials within the warehouse.

    Forklift Driver

    Forklift drivers are responsible for transporting material within the warehouse using forklifts. Forklift drivers do require a certification in order to operate machinery within a warehouse, and therefore pay more than some other common warehouse jobs.


    Jobs in assembly and production work on the assembly line and operate on one part of the process at a time. This can include assembling pieces, inspecting products, or reading blueprints.

    Inventory Control Clerk

    Inventory control clerks keep track of the materials and stock moving in and out of the warehouse. An inventory clerk’s duties can include counting materials, coordinating other warehouse positions, verify shipping arrangements, and streamlining the manufacturing process.

    Shipping and Receiving Coordinator

    Shipping and receiving coordinators handle all shipping and receiving of products. The duties can include communication with vendors, inputting materials into the computer database, ordering low inventory materials, preparing documents for shipping and receiving, and gathering product numbers and descriptions.

Hiring Tips | VIP Staffing

Hiring Tips:

Prepare a clear and persuasive cover letter. Explain why you are interested in the employer and highlight the skills and experience most relevant to the position. Use it as a teaser to your resume, rather than a repetition of your resume.