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10 HR Trends to Watch for 2018

Post Date: 01/23/2018


10 HR Trends to Watch for 2018

It’s the start of a new year, and HR professionals have predicted a slew of trends, technologies, and developments that will impact employees and employers over the coming twelve months and beyond. Some are simply natural progressions of existing trends, whereas others are fairly new to the workplace scene. Here are ten HR trends to watch for in 2018:

Return to the office

IBM made headlines by reversing its remote work policies and calling employees back to the office. After years of increasing remote work programs and overly broad policies, many companies are swinging back to the center and limiting offsite days. Some experts feel that the trend is seeking that “sweet spot” between the flexibility desired by employees and the face-to-face collaboration required by corporations.

Workspace overhauls

Many companies are creating flexible workspaces where employees can take their laptop and work in different areas of the office depending on the project, the current team members or their mood. Cafes, game rooms, quiet areas, scenic views, and indoor green spaces are some examples of unconventional work areas that companies are creating to stimulate their workforces.

Increased AI and automation

Artificial Intelligence and automation will continue to increase in every facet of HR. Using AI for recruiting reduces bias and provide an effective way to assess candidates which will free up time for HR professionals to focus on employee relations and retention.

Real-time, customized training

The once cumbersome process of scheduling, reserving a conference room or hiring a trainer has been replaced by on-demand digital training modules that can be accessed at any time of the day or night. Virtual or Augmented Reality is also being incorporated and provides a more hands-on, realistic approach.

Skills instead of job descriptions

Some organizations are made up of constantly shifting teams of workers collaborating on certain tasks. Managers assign projects based on skill sets and not by job title or set roles. Soft skills and creativity will be more important than ever, and HR experts expect workforces to become more fluid and flexible to meet changes in productivity.

Multi-Platform Internal Communications

HR Directors can keep their finger on the pulse of employee morale and behaviors through apps, internal networks, and other communications tools. The traditional model of top-down communication will be replaced by a more dynamic forum of individuals, groups, management and even customers sharing input. Social media, video and gamification components will make communication more interactive and keep employees engaged.

Continuous feedback

The annual review is quickly becoming an outdated method of evaluation. Millennials, in particular, are accustomed to a continuous feedback loop and expect it in the workplace. HR Directors and managers can utilize systems to provide regular feedback to employees based on real-time and performance.

Creating the employee experience

Experts have found that the employee experience is the foundation of engagement and directly affects productivity and retention. The employee experience encompasses all interaction employees have with the employer. It is no longer enough to show a new hire his desk, hand over a company manual and direct him to the coffee machine. HR executives will be busy crafting every detail of the employee experience beginning with the first day.

Focus on wellness

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Wellness initiatives can include getting in shape, healthy eating, and mental health awareness to name just a few. Health coaching, fitness center discounts, and webinars are all options that are offered by companies to maintain their workforce wellness.

Scrutiny of harassment policies

2017 marked an unprecedented recognition of sexual harassment in the workplace and not just in Hollywood. Responsible companies must take a closer look at their training, complaint reporting, and investigation policies.

The experts at VIP Staffing want to make 2018 your best year ever!