VIP Staffing

Building An Olympian Workforce


Every company wants to dominate the competition, and it takes a group of Olympians to achieve this. Building a workforce with Olympians takes planning. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ways to Attract Great Workers

Have a Strong Brand

A strong brand can attract and engage the very best and overcome company weaknesses.

Compelling Job Descriptions

Olympians want a challenge. So, make sure your job description is compelling and exciting and demonstrates how results will be measured.

Let Them Preform a Task During the Interview

Give candidates an assignment with a deadline and see how they perform. Sometimes the best performers don’t have the strongest credentials on their resume.

Clearly Communicate with Candidate

Clearly communicate the criteria, selection process and time frame. An Olympic candidate will get snatched in the blink of an eye by the company that does!

Building a workforce with Olympians is not easy nor instantaneous. Let VIP Staffing help you with the process.

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