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Hope after Hurricane Harvey

Post Date: 03/22/2018

In December of 2017, VIP Staffing partnered with Humble ISD to host a holiday book drive. The goal was to help replace books lost in Hurricane Harvey in this highly affected area outside of Houston. The response by employees was outstanding and more than 150 books were donated. In early February, the books were delivered to Greentree Elementary and Deerwood Elementary. The school Librarians said the children were thrilled and even have waiting lists to check out some of the new books!

“Thank you, VIP Staffing. You might have thought you were just purchasing a book, but really, you were giving these students hope. Hope that life will return to normal and the things lost in the hurricane are things that can be replaced.  Giving these kids the opportunity to see that in times of need, we step up to help others – that is the real gift you have given them,”

said Jerri Monbaron, Director of Community Development, Humble ISD.