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Managing Frightening Employees

Post Date: 10/25/2016

Are terrifying apparitions lurking in your workforce? Here are four types of employees that strike fear in management, and tips on how to tame the scary behavior.

The Zombie Employee

This employee plods through tasks with no enthusiasm or attention to detail. Managers should determine whether it’s boredom, burnout, or something else that is causing the sluggish performance. Discuss observations and concerns with the employee and involve them in the solution. A new challenge, additional training, or simple incentive may put the spark back into their performance.

The Mummy Employee

The Mummy Employee is immobilized by multiple projects and deadlines. Management should evaluate if the workload needs to be lightened or shared to avoid burnout. Enforce delegation of smaller tasks and reward overworked employees with a lunch away from the workplace or a day off.

The Headless Horseman

This employee stampedes through the office, bossing coworkers around and terrorizing the staff. Management should outline a policy against workplace bullying and inform all employees that confrontational behavior won’t be tolerated. Specific incidents should be documented.

The Vampire Employee

The Vampire employee is the stuff of HR nightmares. The vampire drains the time and energy of management with constant questions, complaints, and demands. Managers should clearly define the types of issues that will be addressed and only discuss complaints if the employee also offers a solution to the perceived problem.

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