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Mission Vision & Core Values

Post Date: 02/02/2018

A little over a year ago, we unveiled a new and fresh logo and updated the VIP Staffing website, which got us thinking… After more than three decades in the industry, not only has our business evolved, so has our vision, mission and our core values. VIP Staffing is excited to revamp these statements as we believe expanding them allows us to better serve our customers and clients with a modern and clear purpose.


To strengthen and equip our business partners and employees through growth opportunities.


To partner leading companies with hard working dedicated employees to enhance and promote our communities’ economic success.

Core Values:

We Embrace Challenge – We proactively resolve issues through innovative thought, creativity, superior communication and determination.

We Are Results Oriented – Outcomes and results matter. We get the job done.

We Are Compassionate – We identify the needs and values of others and seek to understand the world through the eyes of those we serve.

We Are a Team – We value one another celebrating our success and learning from disappointments.


VIP Staffing embodies these core values every day. Check out this testimonial from Houston Senior Recruiter, Kristen.

 “I am so thankful to work for VIP Staffing. They have proven to be a compassionate and caring company by treating their employees like family.  Nothing demonstrated that to me more than during Hurricane Harvey. The company focus was clearly on the well-being of all the staff. I received personal calls directly from our CEO & President, Michael Himoff, Executive VP, Andrew Himoff, VP & COO Jon Akins, and many others, not to ask about the status of our office, but to inquire about me, my family, and our home.  The entire staff rallied together to field the hundreds of calls from our contract / temporary employees, ensuring they received their paychecks without missing a beat.  I could not be more thrilled with my decision to work with such a giving and caring organization whose spirit reaches far beyond the bottom line!”