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What’s Your HR Superpower?

Post Date: 03/22/2017

HR professionals have the herculean task of finding ideal candidates for a multitude of positions within their organizations.  It’s a superhuman job that requires a mix of perseverance, persuasion, enthusiasm, salesmanship, and organization. It also requires at least one super power.

HR Superpowers

Ideal X-Ray Vision

To the naked eye, a candidate may appear to be a perfect fit. His resume is flawless, and his qualifications are a match. The seasoned HR executive has the uncanny ability to peer through the surface information and identify additional critical details.  Hiring managers who possess this power can avert disaster and uncover gems that others might miss.

Supersonic Hearing

A successful HR professional has an acute sense of hearing and can pick up nuances, speech mannerisms, tone, and hidden messages. Whether it’s an interview with an applicant or a meeting with management, HR professionals are skilled at listening and understanding. They are often the first to hear rumbles of disquiet in the organization and can use their powers to address issues before they become problems.

Predicting the Future

Some HR professionals can see into the future of a candidate without gazing into a crystal ball or be reading tea leaves.  Through experience and observation, they have developed the ability to accurately predict which hires will grow into leaders and which ones will fit the corporate culture.  Psychic ability is a super power that is coveted by fast-growing organizations.

Superhuman Speed

When hiring kicks into high gear, HR professionals become fast-moving blurs as they manage a myriad of activities from juggling paperwork to onboarding new hires. Everything needs to be done immediately, or better yet, yesterday! This super power must be exercised with extreme caution to avoid burnout and fatigue.

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