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COVID-19 Updates

Covid Suggestions

VIP Staffing continues to closely monitor the impact that COVID-19 has had and how it is impacting our world.  As of now we do not anticipate any operational disruptions at the corporate or branch level and we are taking precautions to ensure that we are prepared for any uncertainty in the days ahead.  Key personnel has the ability to work remotely to ensure we maintain the consistent operations and exemplary service level you are accustomed to.  If VIP Staffing is able to help in any way to keep your business running smoothly during this time, or if you feel your business operations will be interrupted, please let me know so we may plan accordingly.
That said, I want to make a few points in response to logical questions from client partners:

  • VIP Staffing is taking proactive measure to protect our organization through the frequent and consistent cleaning and sterilization of high traffic areas.  We have also made hand sanitizer and other sanitization products available and are proactively encouraging respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene.  To the best of our ability, we are requesting our people use social distancing where able to lessen the likelihood of transmission.
  • VIP Staffing’s current plan to monitor daily attendance and reporting to our client partners is through constant communication with our client partners to understand who is coming to work and who is not attending work. As always, we maintain to the best of our ability strong communication through telephone, email and text with our field associates and request that if they are not going to attend work they let us know as expeditiously as possible so we may adjust.
  • VIP Staffing’s current plan if an employee, visitor or family member is confirmed with COVID-19 is to request they let us know immediately so we may respond accordingly.  Advice from our legal counsel has indicated that VIP Staffing is not allowed to ask our field associates nor our employees if they are susceptible to COVID-19 because it may require the employee to reveal a disability, which is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, we intend to exercise common sense in how we conduct ourselves and will steward our business on behalf of our client partners responsibly.
  • VIP Staffing’s current plan is to continue to service all of our client partners at an exceptional level and to demonstrate our ability in the most disruptive of times.  If attendance issues arise due to COVID-19, VIP Staffing will assess the situation and, if able, provide qualified replacement field associates as quickly as is logistically possible.
  • VIP Staffing is able to communicate with all employees and field associates in a matter of minutes through the use of telephone as well as both email and ZIP Whip (mass or individualized texting).  VIP Staffing has the ability to instantly run reports to determine in a matter of minutes all personnel who has visited a client partner’s facility for any date range.

This is an evolving situation, but after 32 years of doing business, VIP Staffing has seen a lot of ups and down.  Through it all, we remain a thoughtful and safe partner and the health and safety of our employees, client partners, field associates and vendors is our number one priority.  We will continue to keep you informed as new developments take place.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you for your partnership and we wish you continued health!
Very truly yours,

Andrew S. Himoff
Executive Vice President/
General Counsel