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Tax Forms

Did you work with VIP Staffing in 2022?

W-2’s will be printed and mailed on 1/31/23. Reprints will begin on 2/28/23.

If you would like to receive your 2022 W-2 form electronically, log onto your Avionte account,

To print a copy of your 2022 W-2 click on the taxes tab and choose 2022 and print a copy.

Don’t know your username and/or password for Avionte? Download or print on 1/31/23.


2022 1095 forms will be mailed.

These forms are not available electronically, so please allow time for them to be received via snail mail. Reprints will be available beginning 3/1/23. 1095-C forms are not necessary to file your personal tax returns, see the link below for additional information:…/questions-and-answers-about-health-ca…