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Hiring Process

VIP Staffing uses a patented five-step process to pair employers with successful job candidates. We vet our candidates thoroughly. We study your industry’s unique day-to-day trends. We do all this and more to guarantee the ideal hire for every available opportunity.

Step 1: Employer Evaluation

First, we define the job’s requirements, employer expectations, work environment, corporate culture and screening criteria.

Step 2: Candidate Search

We use social, digital and printed media outlets to source the right candidates. We also have an extensive candidate database culling from candidates across Texas and New Mexico.

Step 3: Filtering Candidates

Once we identify a prospect, we have the ability to conduct the following employer evaluation screenings:

  • Work History Verification
  • Skill Set Testing
  • Attitude Evaluation
  • Drug Testing
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Credit Check
  • Special By-Request Filtering

Step 4: Candidate Selection

When we find a well suited candidate, at the request of our customers we coordinate candidate-employee interviews by phone or in-person. Upon request, we also offer employers the use of our offices to host interview sessions.

Step 5: Performance Evaluation

Post-hire, we perform ongoing evaluations to ensure the satisfaction of both employer and employee. At VIP Staffing, we believe that open communication gives both our clients and their new hires the greatest opportunity for success.

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