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Attended Donation Station Ambassador Opening, Wylie, TX

Location: Wylie, TX

Post Date: 09/27/2019

ADS Ambassador

Wylie, Tx


Attended Donation Station Ambassador

Job Responsibilities Include:

Promptly opens the ADS each assigned day and prepares site for that day’s business

Cheerfully greets donors upon their arrival

Assists donors by transferring their donations from their vehicle in to the ADS

Provides donation tax receipt to donors

Explains charity mission to donors, as requested

Weighs all donations by type and enters donor and product weight into Donation Log

Maintains ADS in a clean and safe condition to include the interior, the exterior grounds and parking lot and especially, the Donor Service Point

Assists collections driver unloading ADS while maintaining a priority on donor service

If trained and cleared Ambassadors may also be asked to physically drive our trucks

Inventories and orders all necessary ADS supplies

Communicates to Area Manager daily donor counts, product weights and any conditions at the ADS requiring attention necessary to meet donor service standards, safety concerns or site cleanliness.

Secures ADS at the end of the business day and calls the Area Manager to acknowledge closing of the site.

Other duties as assigned

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