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CNC Machinist Opening, San Antonio, TX

Location: San Antonio, TX

Post Date: 05/09/2023

Pay Range: $22.00 – $23.00 based on experience. Plus 2nd Shift Premium: $0.75
Work Hours: Monday – Thursday – 2:15 p.m. – 12:45 a.m.
  • Must be able to choose/pull correct tooling and/or die sets as required for job
  • Must be able to use computer-assisted gaging systems to do set-ups
  • Perform inspection of material being fabricated to verify that parts are to print
  • Daily attendance up to ten hours per day to meet schedules
  • Ability to read blue prints (Understand written instructions as well as symbolism)
  • Must be able to download programs from computer onto CNC machine as required for job
  • Must be able to use measurement tools, including but not limited to: calipers, micrometers, gage pins & blocks, telescoping gages, protractors and squares
  • Must have basic knowledge of manual machine shop equipment, including but not limited to: Drill press, conventional lathe, conventional mill
  • Ability to record time on timesheet (in decimals) from reading chart
  • Must be able to read work orders and production status reports for work center numbers and times to be entered on timesheets
Please give us a call at 210-534-6166

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