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IT Sales Administrative Assistant Opening, San Antonio, TX

Location: San Antonio, TX

Post Date: 11/01/2021

General Daily Duties:

  • Answer phones

  • Building Proposals

  • Salesforce data entry

  • general sales organizational task

  • Quosal tool (it builds proposal)

Sales Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

Assisting the sales team involves more duties and responsibilities than one would think. We conducted analysis of several Sales Administrator job descriptions to procure the following list of Sales Administrator duties and responsibilities.

Maintain an Accurate Database of Customer and Prospect Information

Sales Administrators have to be tech-savvy, as one of their duties is to develop and maintain a database that contains all of the important information for both current and prospective customers. Maintaining the accuracy of this database is crucial for an efficient delivery process.

Process Paperwork

The Salesperson generates a sale, and it is the Sales Administrator who actually puts that sale through in the company system. This usually involves entering data into a computer, and can also include filing paper orders.

Communicate with Customers

The role of Sales Administrator involves some customer service.

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