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Regional Sales Manager Opening, San Antonio, TX

Location: San Antonio, TX

Post Date: 09/15/2023

Join VIP Staffing as a Regional Sales Manager

The average salesperson tenure in the United States is 19 months, but not at VIP Staffing. Over 40% of our company has been here for more than 5 years. That longevity is a testament to our transparent and supportive culture, starting with leadership and trickling down. 


As a Regional Sales Manager, you will inherit a dedicated team of 4 who joined VIP and never looked back. We specialize in Light Industrial, Skilled Trades, Technology, Professional and Administrative placements. Helping our clients find top talent is our main focus.


A great sales leader provides direction and guidance through the ever-changing turbulence, but what makes them truly exceptional is their unwavering care for the people on their journey. You’re not just chasing quotas; you’re nurturing a community. Here at VIP, we truly care about our people.


In a world fixated on the bottom line, VIP Staffing seeks someone who understands that genuine connections are the heartbeat of successful sales teams. Here, you’ll be a mentor, advocate and friend who elevates everyone around them.


Why You’ll Love Coming to Work:

Your sales team will be out and about in the community, boots on the ground, introducing themselves to prospective clients. You will provide support via ride-alongs, training, coaching and mentoring; driving your team to hit and exceed goals. You will also enjoy collaborating with both District and Branch Managers, partnering on target prospects, industries and locations to generate results across your regional footprint. 

Ultimately, leading by example comes naturally to you. With an approachable personality, your team will know you’re rooting for them and always in their corner. The environment here is friendly and fun! We like to recognize hard work and celebrate wins. When it comes to caring about our people, there are no shortcuts. We hope this will be the last time you’ll need to start a new job.


What You’re Excited to Bring to VIP Staffing:

You’re a seasoned sales leader with 10+ years of varied agency experience (both private + national), having spent most of your time within a privately held staffing firm. You understand how to help your team overcome challenges from multiple perspectives. You have previously managed a team of 5 or more and are prepared to jump in when there’s a need. That means having a keen eye, strong attention to detail, and a willingness to pursue unforeseen opportunities. Micromanaging isn’t your thing, but you do value being hands-on and someone your team can count on. You see potential, enjoy helping people grow and love to build winning teams!


Based in San Antonio, Texas, you will visit local and surrounding offices weekly to meet with your business development consultants.

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