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Skilled Trades

Current Job Postings

  • $ up to 600-800 $ per week – Pipers/Manufacturing

    Location: DALLAS, TX

    Scope of Position: Working under the general direction of the supervisor or lead person, perform a wide variety of duties associated with metal fabrication equipment. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Experience…

  • $ up to 750+ per week – Foam Panel Oper- Dallas

    Location: DALLAS, TX

    $ up to 750+ per week – Foam Panel Operator- Dallas VIP Staffing is immediately hiring experienced Electrical Panel Assemblers to become an integral part of our team! If this…

  • $ up to 750+ per wk – Assembler / Elec. Apprentice

    Location: DALLAS, TX

    $ up to 750+ per week – Assembler / Elec. Apprentice – Dallas VIP Staffing is immediately hiring experienced Assemblers & Electrician Apprentices to become an integral part of our…

  • $600-750 per wk plus OT – Elec. Panel Assembler

    Location: DALLAS, TX

    $ up to 750+ per week – Electrical Panel Assembler- Dallas VIP Staffing is immediately hiring experienced Electrical Panel Assemblers to become an integral part of our team! If this…

  • $up to 750+ per wk.- Forklift / Mat. Handlers –

    Location: DALLAS, TX

    $ up to 750+ per week – Forklift Drivers / Material Handlers – Dallas If interested please submit your resume to immediately, spots will fill up quickly!!  Job Description:…

Skilled Trade FAQs

Below are the most common questions we receive about skilled trade positions.

  • What are skilled trades?

    Skilled trades, also know as manual trades, are careers that require specialized training and certifications to legally perform manual labor. “Skilled trades” encompasses all jobs requiring specialization in working with tools, designs, and materials.

  • What education level do you need for a skilled trades position?

    Expected Education Level:

    Two-year degree or short-term certification program

    At a minimum, someone looking to follow a skilled trade career must obtain a high school diploma. Most qualified people in skilled trades receive additional education in a technical or trade school that offer hands-on courses to help build the skill set. Some skilled trades, such as electricians, require licenses to practice as well as continual education to stay up to date on code requirements.

  • What is the job market like for skilled trade jobs?

    Skilled trade jobs are increasing in demand. The field is always seeking hard working and skilled professionals for each trade. People who receive certifications, associate’s degrees, or enroll in a trade school find jobs faster because they are able to demonstrate on paper that they have some knowledge of the field. Your location will determine which field of skilled trade is in high demand.

  • What is the pay for skilled trade positions?

    Pay Schedule:


    The salary for a skilled tradesman varies depending on the degree of expertise and whether that expertise is earned from years of practice or from a number of certifications. Skilled trade jobs do require certifications and some education, so they typically pay more than minimum wage manual labor jobs. Most jobs found in skilled trades are hourly.

  • What are some types of skilled trades positions?

    There are many types of skilled trade jobs, each one branching out into different specializations within that trade. Below are some of the top in-demand skilled trade jobs we match:

    Automotive Technician

    Automotive Technicians, commonly known as Auto Mechanics, are trained in servicing small vehicles and trucks. This may including inspecting a vehicle, completing estimations, or making electric and other vehicle repairs. Auto mechanics require a high school diploma and some form of education in the field of automotive service technology. Candidates are also required to earn an Automotive Service Excellence certificate.


    Carpenters construct building frameworks made from wood and other materials. They can work on residential buildings, commercial buildings, or even highways and bridges depending on their expertise. Most learn through an apprenticeship program or a trade school.


    Electricians are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical equipment. This skilled trade requires extensive knowledge on building codes and guidelines. To obtain a career as an electrician you must have a high school diploma and some education either as an apprentice or an associate’s degree in electrical technology.

    HVAC Technician

    HVAC technicians work on heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems. The technicians must have knowledge on how to inspect, install, repair, and maintain any of the systems. No certifications are required but it’s recommended to earn an HVAC Certification.


    Welders fuse metals together with heat at high temperatures. Most industries need welders to help create supplies. These skilled workers can work in construction or manufacturing. Training in the field is preferred but not required.

Hiring Tips | VIP Staffing

Hiring Tips:

Dress for success. For men this means a suit and tie, rather than jeans and a t-shirt. For women, we suggest dressing in a conservative cut and color.

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