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2019 Hiring Trends & Resolutions

Post Date: 01/14/2019

A new year signifies fresh goals and an opportunity to re-evaluate resolutions for the new year. Approaching your company’s hiring goals should be no different.  At VIP Staffing, our Executive Vice President, Andrew Himoff, has identified several hiring resolutions based on trends he foresees for 2019.

  • Create a place where people want to work – The labor market is more competitive than ever. With unemployment at an all-time low, employers must develop a culture that values employees and creates an environment where people want to work. The organization with a stronger reputation and more inclusive culture will win every time.
  • Test out the candidate experience – Apply for a job at your own company. Then encourage at least three work colleagues to do the same, ensuring the process of applying for a vacant position runs as smoothly as possible. Candidates with a positive recruiting experience are more likely to accept your job offer, reapply in the future and refer others to your company. On the flip side, a negative candidate experience may cost you potential candidates and may impact your reputation.
  • Develop a social recruiting strategy – Social recruiting goes beyond posting current vacant job ads on your company’s social network accounts. You may use social media to proactively search for potential candidates, build a relationship with them and encourage submissions for vacant job positions. According to Jobcast, 49 percent of employers who implemented a social recruiting strategy saw an improvement of candidate quality.
  • Partner with a staffing agency – Staffing agencies have the resources and expertise to navigate the ever-changing recruiting process. They can streamline the process by screening and pre-qualifying candidates so you only spend time on quality candidates.

Have you thought about your 2019 hiring resolutions? Visit to see how our staffing experts may help you reach your 2019 hiring goals.