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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Staffing Agency

Post Date: 03/22/2018

Thinking about using a staffing agency to help you jumpstart your career? With so many options in today’s market, sifting through the options may seem daunting, yet making the right choice is imperative to finding the right job. Here are four things to consider that will help you make the right choice.


When initially interacting with the staffing agency, make sure they engage with you, learn about not only your skill set but your goals and passions. Understanding these key factors will allow the agency to place you in positions that are a good fit – positions that will pave the way to meet your future career goals.

Timely Communication

When communicating with the agency, make sure they address any issues promptly and return emails and phone calls within 24 hours.

Accurate Job Descriptions

Look on their website. Are the open position descriptions clear? When meeting with recruiters do they accurately explain job descriptions, skill sets needed and expectations from employers? An agency that fails to accurately set expectations and clearly explain the job will place you in positions that are not a good fit – wasting your and the employer’s time.


How were you treated when you met with the staff? If the staff was compassionate, caring and attentive they will work hard to find you a position with an employer that meets those same standards. If you feel like just another unemployed person seeking a job when you’re in their office, more than likely it will be similar on assignment.

Finding the right staffing agency is essential in finding a job quickly with the correct employer. An agency that focuses on these key items is an agency dedicated to quality service and is sure to exceed your staffing expectations.