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The Importance of Contract Employees

Are you being asked to reduce employment costs? Did you know that contract employment may help you to significantly reduce costs? Career Builder notes that during tough economic times, up to 40% of employers hire contract employees. The benefits are many and varied, but include:

  • Cost Savings – Hiring through contract may save on training, development, benefits and payroll taxes.
  • Flexibility – Contract employees offer the flexibility of special, project-necessitated skills without the expense of a full-time skilled employee. Also, if the employee is not a fit within your culture, we may replace them with a different candidate.
  • Reduced Liability – Contract laborers do not require overtime pay, labor union involvement, or extended time off.

VIP Staffing knows that when times are tougher, it’s critical to keep staffing and productivity priorities focused. Contact us to discuss how contract labor may reduce your future employment costs.

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