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Filling The Hottest Jobs of 2017

Post Date: 03/02/2017

Finding Qualified Employees for High-In-Demand Jobs in 2017

Searching for talent in a shrinking pool of prospects? You’re not alone. The U.S. job situation continues to improve with an overwhelming majority of employers planning to maintain or increase their payrolls.  It seems like everyone is hiring, which creates a challenging environment for HR professionals who must aggressively compete for talent in healthcare, skilled trades, sales, and technology. Furthermore, the oil & gas industry is anticipating a recovery, but many professionals who were laid off in the energy downturn are not reentering the field. Hiring managers need to be more creative in finding, hiring, and retaining talent in these hot job areas.

Strategies for Hiring Managers

Look beyond the obvious

Consider candidates in adjacent industries and related functions which have similar skill sets, then train in the specifics of the available jobs.

Take a chance on talent

For some positions, be willing to look at younger candidates, veterans, or individuals reentering the workforce.  The investment in their training and development can pay dividends in the future.

Put your best online face forward

Just as recruiters check a candidate’s online profile, potential employees will often scour a company’s website, and social media feeds for clues. If the last update was five years ago, you might lose the interest of a potential hire.

Build more relationships

Even if a candidate isn’t a fit for your current needs, give them meaningful feedback and create a system of keeping in touch. They may be an ideal candidate for a next year’s hottest job!

Have a retention plan

Hiring for open positions can become even more time consuming if you must continually replenish your existing workforce. Be sure that your initiatives and activities are geared towards talent retention.

Rely on outside experts

Staffing and search companies have access to a much wider range of candidates that are actively seeking employment. Furthermore, they have already done the legwork of identifying aptitude and skill sets that might be a fit for your open positions.

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