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Filling Open Positions When in a Tight Job Market

Post Date: 04/09/2018

With the unemployment rate at its lowest in decades, filling open positions within your organization is a difficult task. Below are a few tips to help fill and find qualified employees in a tight job market.

  • Reach out to industry organizations – Many industries have local chapters that hold meetings or regular events. These groups may be a great resource when looking for skilled candidates and many have direct knowledge of members seeking employment. Contacting the organization’s leadership is a great starting point.
  • Highlight your company’s culture – During an interview, don’t be afraid to showcase your organization’s culture. This is a great tool to differentiate one business from another as well as gauge if a potential employee is a good fit within your business. Highlighting important messages such as core values, mission statements, your benefits packages and testimonials from employees will truly put you a step above the competition.
  • Simplify your hiring process – In a time when candidates are considering multiple job offers, making them jump through hoops during a long and outdated hiring process may not be the best idea. Keep applicants engaged, outline the steps in the process and maintain constant communication. The candidate experience is more important than ever. A streamlined interview process and hiring approach gives the impression of efficiency that goes beyond the initial hiring phase.
  • Consider working with a staffing agency – Staffing agencies have diverse pools of candidates seeking employment. Allow them to aid in the process by using their pre-screened candidate pool and making recommendations based on aptitude tests and specialized skill evaluations.