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Five Tips to Land a Job in Tech

Post Date: 08/07/2018

Five Tips to Land a Job in Tech

The technology sector is booming in Texas, with tech jobs being at an all-time high. You have the technical skills – now you need to land that dream job.

  1. Throw away your general resume – Cater your resume for each position you submit your application. Showcase your skill set and how it fits the needs of the organization. Developing a unique resume for each position will show employers you understand the differences in the skills needed for the position and how you can add to their company’s achievements.
  2. Dress to impress – Always dress for the job you want in the long term, not necessarily the job you’re interviewing for in the moment. Putting your best self forward during the initial interaction with a potential employer is imperative to differentiate yourself from the masses.
  3. Brush up on your weak areas – Really review a job description and see if there is room for growth for certain skills, take the time to do research and get back up to speed. Doing this will ease your transition into the new role and show employers you’re dedicated and willing to learn.
  4. Be personable – Techies are often seen as lacking social skills. Go into the interview ready to engage with the interviewer. Be prepared to answer various questions about your experience as well as prepare questions of your own. An interview should be a two-way conversation. Being engaging and personable increases your chances significantly of landing the position. Be a person people want to work with.
  5. Partner with VIP Tech – VIP Tech has the experience and resources to help you find that dream tech job. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find your next tech position.