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Five Traits of Successful Employees

When hiring, team chemistry is important, but avoid hiring on likeability alone. Your best hires will display the top five traits of successful employees.

Top 5 Traits to Look For

  1. Accountability
    Did the candidate arrive on time to the interview? Did the candidate provide all the information you requested within a reasonable time frame? Was the information well organized when you received it?
  2. Communication
    Did the candidate confirm the interview by phone or email? Did they answer questions directly or did their thoughts wander? Did they follow up by email, phone or note?
  3. Drive
    Did the candidate ask questions about opportunities for inter-company growth? Did he or she reference the importance of completing a project on-time and error-free?
  4. Confidence
    Did the candidate appear confident and establish eye contact during the interview?
  5. Passion
    Was the candidate passionate about the company and the industry? Did the candidate appear excited when talking about past projects?

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