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Forecasting The Career Path Of A New Hire

Post Date: 09/21/2016

Forecasting the career path of a new hire is essential if you want to guarantee that they will grow, develop, and successfully ascend through your corporate hierarchy.

In Major League Baseball the career path of draftees, rookies, and seasoned veterans are projected from the start. This information is used to hire and trade away talents that are likely headed for an upward or downward curve.

Understanding Business Goals

In business, it’s also important to forecast how quickly a candidate will progress and develop in critical areas like learning, promotion, leadership and innovation.  Before you start considering a career path for your candidate, it’s important to understand your company’s needs. Determine if your company growing quickly and what are the key growth areas where you may need future leaders or innovators.

Employee Growth Factors

Once you determine your company’s needs, then decide what factors to consider from the candidate.  For example:

  1. Does the candidate have room to grow in the position they were hired into?
  2. How likely is the candidate to stay with the company long-term?
  3. Can the candidate be trained and developed?

During the interview process, consider asking a few questions about your candidate’s long-term goals and interest in growing within the company. This may quickly identify if the candidate is prepared to grow with your business and a right fit aligned with your long-term goals

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