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VIP Staffing: Southside San Antonio Staffing Agency

VIP Staffing – Southside San Antonio, TX

Welcome to VIP Staffing in Southside San Antonio. We are an elite staffing agency that works with both job seekers and employers to effectively and efficiently match open positions with quality employees. We provide services for short-term temporary or long-term permanent job placements. We are your go-to resource for jobs and hiring in San Antonio, TX. 

VIP Staffing in San Antonio

We understand that finding the right employees for the right jobs is an important and time consuming task. Our services are here to take the guesswork out of this process. We work with businesses and individuals to understand the qualities and value needed whether it’s for temp services or full time positions. 

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, we have you covered. We know the local market and we have recruitment specialists in each division ready and knowledgeable to make the perfect match for your next job or employee in Southside San Antonio. We’ll be with you each step of the way through our five-step hiring process, making sure your needs are met. 

Now Hiring in San Antonio

Our award winning staffing services help fill positions in welding jobs, construction jobs, warehouse jobs — as well as positions in sales jobs, receptionists, human resource jobs, and more!  Are you ready to start? Whether you’re hiring or job hunting, you’ve found the resource you need for immediate job openings in San Antonio, TX.

Southside San Antonio VIP Staffing location

(210) 534-6166

4248 South New Braunfels Suite 105
San Antonio, TX 78223
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Award Winning San Antonio Staffing Agency

VIP Staffing is an award winning staffing agency with over 40 years of experience in staffing and recruiting. Our network of employees and dedicated divisions in clerical, professional, tech, light industrial and skilled trade staffing allow us to focus on your specific needs and goals. We pride ourselves on operating with honesty and integrity. The American Staffing Association is one of many organizations that hold us in good standing.

Benefits of VIP Staffing’s Temp Services

Temp-to-hire or temporary employees bring multiple benefits to a business:

Hire Seasonal Workers in San Antonio

If your business only needs employees on a seasonal basis, our temp agency is an ideal solution.

Reduce recruitment costs

Recruiting for a temporary position doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality or spending more on recruiting than the job is worth. Our recruitment experts select the ideal candidate for the position no matter the timeframe needed.

Supplemental staffing

Filling a position for maternity leave or vacation time doesn’t have to be a hassle for your company. With our services, you are able to increase current employees’ job satisfaction by giving them the time off they deserve while maintaining business goals by hiring a temporary employee.

Reduced administrative costs

All temporary and temp-to-hire employees are considered employees of VIP Staffing. This means we take care of payroll, insurance, and unemployment claims. This helps you refocus your businesses energies on what makes your business grow instead of internal hassles.

Benefits of Working with VIP Staffing – San Antonio

We Offer All Types of Employees for Hire

We provide several employment services to fill the needs of your growing and ever-changing business. Our San Antonio staffing agency hires temp workers, temp-to-hire, contract and direct hire employees.

Types of Employees you can hire:

  • Temp
  • Temp-to-hire
  • Contract
  • Direct hire

We Recruit Qualified Candidates for You

VIP Staffing thoroughly screens and recruits candidates for your business through our 5 Step Hiring Process. This includes:

  • Recruiting candidates through our large network of candidates
  • Recruiting candidates through proactive efforts online
  • Provide quality testing to candidates
  • Run thorough background checks
  • Offer drug screenings for you
  • Ongoing evaluations of candidates

We Take Care of Your Employee Paperwork & Needs

When hiring any temp or temp-to-hire staff, we take care of all of the paperwork and reliability including:

  • Conduct I-9 Management and E-Verify for all employees
  • We assume responsibility for Workers Comp for candidates
  • We assume responsibility for Liability Insurance for candidates
  • We assume responsibility for all mandated State and Federal Taxes
  • We offer healthcare insurance for our placements compliant with ACA requirements
  • We offer on-site management programs as needed for volume-based usage and labor-intensive clients