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He Saw My Potential

Post Date: 05/19/2021

I have been looking for a new opportunity for awhile but since the pandemic has started, not a lot of opportunities were out there. I had such a horrible time applying and applying and resubmitting the same resume form over and over again but things got so much simpler when Matthew contacted me. He saw my potential but also knew I needed a lot of work on displaying those skills into paper.

We went over some of the jobs he was filling and coached me on how to become a stronger applicant. Eventually I had gotten through 3 interviews with a very great company! I would’ve never gotten so far without him.

Although in the end, I ended up losing that opportunity to somebody with decades of experience above me, the skills Matthew gave to me and the professionalism he brought to my resume helped me in my job search and eventually landed a great paying job!

I appreciate him and all he’s done so much!


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