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Success Stories

I’m Loving My New Job

Post Date: 10/07/2019

In an ongoing series, VIP Staffing is proud to highlight employees and candidates who have shown great success in the workplace. Our greatest hope is to make a difference in the lives of our people. There is no greater reward than to say, “Job well done!”


“I went a month and a half without employment.  I got an email one day from Indeed saying I should send a resume to VIP Staffing. Two days later I received a phone call and was asked to come and interview because of a possible match, an environment I would more than likely thrive in yet was completely new to me. A couple of days later I started my first day. I’m loving my new job, and surprisingly taking off pretty quickly. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn a new set of skills. Four years ago my son was born, and on that day, I made a promise to him that I would give myself five years to double my income. If it weren’t for VIP Staffing, I wouldn’t have accomplished this goal early. I can’t thank you guys enough for assisting me in making this goal a reality!”