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That moment when you realize you found your dream job is an amazing feeling!

Post Date: 02/02/2018

Ana, from the VIP Staffing Houston Office, posted a position on a job board on Facebook. I responded with my resume thinking that I would see what happens because I was quite skeptical about the whole process. I received a call about a week later to come in and meet with VIP staffing before my interview. The staff was friendly and personable.  A few days later I went to my interview not knowing what to expect because I was still a bit unsure. But I left my interview knowing this was the perfect job for me. I have been at my position for three months now, and I am in the transition process of becoming a permanent employee. The communication with the office has been impeccable. Ana has been there to answer any questions along the way. I am forever grateful that Ana posted this position. Who would have thought Facebook would have played a part in finding the perfect job for me?

I am now an Administrative Assistant with tremendous room for growth in my company. It is nice for once to say that I love my job!

Thank you, Ana and VIP Staffing!