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VIP Staffing was different

Post Date: 07/24/2018

I went into the offices of VIP Staffing in Dallas and met with Ms. Roshonda the last week of March 2018.  From the moment I went into their office, I knew this was a very transparent and down to business staffing agency.  I wasn’t prepared with how well they match their future employees with their clients.  I’ve interviewed with other staffing agencies and they immediately rush me through the process and testing and try to send me to call centers at an entry level position when I’ve spent years as a Trainer and Lead.  VIP Staffing was different.  I was called to interview with a company that I had never heard of. But I was comfortable with the position, and the location is only minutes from my home.  After meeting with the General Manager, I left feeling very confident about my interview.  The same day, I received my confirmation phone call from Ms. Cross and her words were, “you must have left a great impression”.  My new company is unlike any industry I’ve worked with in the past.  I love the atmosphere; the people are nice and I feel a genuine sense of appreciation after joining their team.  I look forward to a long future.  Thank you, VIP Staffing, for not only looking at my resume, but matching me with a great company.