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Working with the VIP staff in Houston has been a truly life changing experience

Post Date: 01/08/2018

Working with the VIP staff in Houston has been a truly life changing experience. When I first arrived at the staffing agency, I was reluctant because I was sure that I was going to be treated as another number in line or another Joe off the streets. To the contrary, I was blown away at how the agency’s’ staff greeted me and promptly started my process. It started with the usual standard questions, then the interviewer (Mrs. C) began to ask more direct questions in regards to my family, my military background, my hobbies, etc. When I finally decided to ask her “Why such the personal questions for a job?” Mrs. C replied, “I’m not looking for a job for you, I’m lining you up with a career opportunity.”

As a young, newly retired, disabled veteran with a family of 5 in tow, my time and options were extremely limited. Mrs. C’s decision to ask those “extra mile questions” afforded her the opportunity to redirect my attention to a more suitable venue. Not only was the location within a 10 mile radius of my home, but the pay was incredible. Within the first 4 months I’ve received 2, $4.00 raises.
Because she asked about my children, I was afforded the opportunity to fulfill a commitment I have to them. On that day, I left the agency feeling like a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!!!!

– Edgar