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Office Manager Opening, San Antonio, TX

Location: San Antonio, TX

Post Date: 08/24/2023

OFFICE MANAGER  Onsite in San Antonio, TX
Reports to: CEO
Position Objective
Support the CEO and the functional areas to fulfill the business objectives through the coordination of different administrative, human resources, and some basic IT activities. Bilingual (Spanish) a major plus as the parent company is in Mexico.
Main Activities & Responsibilities
  •     Coordinates and keeps CEO’s agenda
  •     Invoices the Company’s sales
  •     Keeps records and files of Company transactions for accurate and timely accounting process
  •     Maintains company website and social networks
  •     Manages email employee accounts 
  •     Recruits candidates for new positions
  •     Coordinates various trainings for employees & customers
  •     Manages & keeps employees, vendors and customer files
  •     Processes and verifies expense advances and reimbursements 
  •     Makes flight and hotel reservations
  •     Buys office supplies
  •     Manages petty cash
  •     Coordinates meetings and presentations
Routine Reporting Requirements
  • Employee files
  • Vendor files and records
  • Customer files
  • Summary of per diem expenses for the month
  • Summary of office various expenses 
  • Summary of petty cash reimbursement 

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