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Working with a Staffing Agency

Post Date: 07/12/2021

Using a staffing agency to find a job

Whether you are someone looking for a job or an employer looking for a quality candidate, you can benefit by working with a staffing agency. Simply put, staffing agencies connect employers with job seekers. But why do employers need to work with a staffing agency? Can’t they find candidates on their own? Read on to find out why staffing services are a great value.

How do Employers Benefit by Working With a Staffing Agency?

By working with a staffing agency, employers increase their chances of hiring a candidate that is well-suited for the job. They also are able to find these solid candidates in a shorter amount of time. Staffing agencies maintain databases of people looking for a job that they search and provide to the requesting employer. Staffing agencies, such as VIP Staffing, save employers time by filtering and pre-screening the job applicants. By the time the hiring manager interviews an applicant, the assessed applicants have been pre-screened and are appropriate contenders for the job. Skill assessments, work history verification, and other routine tasks are also part of the staffing services provided.

Employers and staffing agencies develop partnerships that allow employers to fill temporary vacancies, long-term projects, and permanent placements. Some areas such as IT staffing and technical staffing jobs have very specific skill sets. These industries often need quick placements for open positions. Staffing agencies lead this effort for employers and the employer focuses on their ongoing operations. This saves them time spent weeding through unqualified applicants for high demand positions. While in some cases it makes sense for companies to direct hire, there are many positions that are very well suited for a staffing agency to fill. 

Are Staffing Agencies an Effective Way to Find a Job?

Working with a staffing agency is a way to give yourself an extra advantage when searching for a job. Staffing agencies have a database of open positions from all their employer partners. They provide the capability for you to start filtering and searching right away.

Staffing agencies will ask you to fill out an online application and submit your resume for their database. At this point, they will have your information and start looking for jobs that are a good fit for you, the job seeker. This means that instead of you having to go to many company websites and filling out multiple applications — your one application at the staffing agency will connect you with many possible jobs.

Staffing agencies place employees in temporary or temp-to-hire positions as well as permanent positions. A temp position gives you, the employee, a chance to get your foot in the door with an employer that may not have been on your radar. Even if the company doesn’t currently need a permanent position they will get to know you for when they do.

Staffing agencies partner with the employers and it is their goal to place you in a well-suited position as soon as possible. Employers pay the fees, not the job applicants. So, as a job seeker you are not charged for this service.

Different staffing agencies may specialize in different types of jobs. Some agencies place employees in a wide variety of different positions. For example, VIP Staffing is a great fit for people looking for positions in a variety of industries. Job seekers narrow their initial search by Skilled Trade, Light Industrial, Clerical, Professional, and Tech. This covers a lot of positions and offers opportunities to people with a wide variety of skill sets and career interests.

How Do I Work With a Staffing Agency?

Are you ready to get started in finding the perfect job or the perfect employer? It’s an easy process. Do a Google search for Staffing Agencies in your area. Spend time on the websites of the agencies you find. Verify that the agency you are considering works in the industry you are a part of.

Most agency websites make it very easy to initiate contact. As an employer, you will likely fill out an online form to submit for contact. The form for VIP Staffing is here. VIP Staffing works without employers and job seekers throughout a lot of Texas and Albuquerque, NM. 

As a potential employee (job seeker) the agency should have an online application and method to submit your resume. For VIP Staffing you will find those steps here.

Staffing agencies should get back to you within 24 hours to have a discussion about how you can partner to achieve your goals!


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Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels