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Recently I was Displaced from Houston….

Post Date: 04/09/2018

“Recently I was displaced from Houston when the home I was renting was completely flooded after the hurricane. I lost almost everything, including my job. Thankfully, I was able to move in with family in San Antonio. I had been looking for work for quite some time with not even a callback. I was losing hope, and a family member suggested contacting an agency to help me look for work, so I called VIP Staffing. I had my doubts, but was surprised at the help I received in quickly finding a job in the electrical field. I was able to be placed with a great company that utilized my skills from both my military and civilian work. I am truly grateful for the support I received from everyone at VIP Staffing. The whole process was quick and easy. I just wish I would have tried this sooner and would gladly recommend anyone looking for work placement to give VIP Staffing a call.”