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Three Tips to Finding the Right Fit for Your Open Technology Positions

Post Date: 08/07/2018

Three Tips to Finding the Right Fit for Your Open Technology Positions

Technology needs in business are increasing at a rapid rate, leaving many organizations scurrying to fill their open tech positions. With tech jobs ranging from tech support to development, finding the right fit may be challenging. VIP Tech Consultants offers three tips to help you find the right person to close the open gaps.

  1. Understand your tech needs – Truly gain an understanding of what the open position requires. Is the position just technical? Does the candidate need technical skills as well as to be a critical thinker or problem solver? Is business acumen in conjunction with technical skills important? Gaining this understanding will allow you to better screen and interview the right candidates for each unique situation.
  2. Create a focused job description – Outline the position’s must-haves and specify the tools and technology that the job requires. Be as specific as possible. Creating a very detailed description will help weed out the applicants that don’t meet your requirements quickly while exemplifying your qualifications up front. Having a clear set of parameters saves you time when reviewing candidates and during the interview process.
  3. Partner with VIP Tech – VIP Tech has the resources to aid in developing job descriptions, screening and interviewing candidates. We have the experience to find the perfect fit for all of your technology needs. Contact us today to learn more about VIP Tech’s services or visit our website at